All Set - How Do I Look? 1956
Rare Edition 1962
Hold Everything - Skirting the Issue 1962
A Number to Remember 1955
Wish You Were Near 1969
The Right Touch 1958
Spotty Performance 1962
It's Up To You 1958
Myrna Hansen - One of Elvgren's Favorite Models
Myrna Hansen featured in Outre Magazine
Jill Needs A Jack
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Gil Elvgren
Gil Elvgren
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*Elvgren's Models*
Elvgren once described his ideal model as having a fifteen-year-old-face on a
twenty-year-old-body.  He also cited the following features: high forehead, long neck, eyes that
were set wide apart, small ears, pert nose, great hair, full but not overblown breasts, nice legs
and hands, a pinched-in waist and natural grace and poise.

He explained that he made subtle alterations in the model's physique accentuating areas like the
legs, nose, and lips, and added that he tried to create the feeling that, underneath all the
surface beauty, behind the model's eyes, there was a delicious mischievous warmth.  For him,
the model "with highly mobile facial features capable of a wide range of expression is the real
jewel.  The face is the personality."  

Many of Elvgren's models, including Myrna Loy, Donna Reed, Arlene Dahl, Barbara Hale and Kim
Novack, went on to successful careers of their own.

Best known of the models is Myrna Hansen, Miss USA of 1953.  She went on to represent the
United States at the 1953 Miss Universe pageant and was runner-up to eventual winner Christian
Martel of France.  After her reign she went on to carve a successful movie career in the 1950s
and 1960s spanning about 15 years.  She appeared in such films as "Magnificent Obsession," "Man
Without a Star" and "Raintree County."  Hansen later appeared on such television shows as
"Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres."  She posed for more than 50 of Elvgren's pictures.
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