Limited Edition of Gil Elvgren Pinup Girl 500 Pc. Poker
Chip Set.  Comes in a beautiful lined aluminum case w/
key, dealer chip and two sets of poker playing cards.

These Elvgren Poker Chips aren't just another pretty
face. They are the most durable poker chip in the
industry.  The image is integrated into the chip...
Please note this is NOT a sticker type poker chip.

Each chip weighs approx. 13 grams.  The highest
quality poker chip manufactured.
200 of the $1 Chips (red)
150 of the $5 Chips (green)
50 of the $25 Chips (black)
50 of the $100 Chips (orange)
50 of the $500 Chips (blue)
Year of Production: 2008
Please allow 2 weeks for production.  Please keep this
time-frame in mind before making your purchase.

$350.00 - includes shipping
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